My path to health

Until 1992 I didn't know what illness means, just sometimes some cold or flu and nothing else. I was Mr. Health.

My struggle for health began after I was get Ulcerous Colitis, a heavy colon inflammation with bleeding and heavy pain. With it came kidney stones and depresive neurosis.
Every next year my health codition worsen, every year I spent at least 15-20 days in the hospital, taking a huge doses of pills and other therapies. The new year 1996 I spent in the hospital.
Going to sleep without sleeping pills was inimagginable and impossible. I was allways in the bad mood and depressive, not able for work.

At the end of 1996 I heard about a medical doctor who is also an alternative medicine practictioner, so 16. november 1996 I went to him in Rijeka, Croatia.
That medical doctor, dr. Djuro Despot, prescribe me a therapie with elixier for ZI entities and meditation, a therapie he acquainted durig his trip to Tibet, where he was struggling for his own life. I was a bit of suspicious, but I had no choice, more because my health condition worsen allmost weekly.
As the time passed by, my health condition became better and better and now I am again Mr. Health. Furthermore, as my energie became stronger and my self healtier, dr. Despot told me that I have potential to be an alternative medicine practitioner.
Though from his patient I became his student.

During my recovery time I found that the cause of all diseases begin when our energy slackens. Then our immunity slackens too and we can get ill. It then leads to uncontrolled multiplication of ZI entities and they then take patogenic role, totally opposite from their previous, protecting role in our health.
Also i found that the diseases are our teachers and correctors, because when I was in good condition I have never think about life generally, about our being or cause of exsistence.

When the one get ill, then start to understand himself and the world around him. We start to realize how much we neglect our health, our nutrition and our behaviour.
Human being is stronger than steel, but nobody has endless energy and soon or a later that energy slackens and the one fall down into illnes.
If you have any questions regardnig health and/or alternative medicine, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.