I write you slowly, because I know that you read slow.

During a past few years I have noticed that on my personal web page, which is written in the Croatian language and made for Croatian web space, is comming more and more visitors from other countries.

So I decided to make a short translation of my entire web page. I translated it all by my humble knowlege of English, so don't mind me if something is written wrong. Evenmore, send me correction via e-mail.

On this web page you can read about: me, my programming and web design amateur hobbies, visit my web gallery, and most important my struggle for health.

So let the show go on.

First of all let me introduce myself:

I am a 42 no, 43 no, 44 no, 45 ehmm, 46 ... ehmmmm 48 years old (how time is flying!) man from Sibenik, a small town on middle Adriatic coast. I have graduate an High school of economics, which means that I am an economic technitian, but more than that I like computers and programming.

For more than 20 years I was a radio-amateur, making radio connections with entire world with telegraphy (CW), participating in numerous contests 'on-the-air' and cabinet. A numerous awards and diplomas remind me at that time, bringing me a sweet memories.

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